So Glad to be a Dad.

I got a video clip from of the show we did at Morton Arboretum just the other day. I like it so much that I felt like I had to write about it. The clip features me and my daughter singing the Mr. Rogers song It's Such A Good Feeling. I've talked about how my kids music was solely inspired by Evie and this clip is a perfect example and testament to that.

I've been looking at old home videos lately and found one where she was much younger and doing a dance she made up for the song Run Around. It's so great and funny.  She's excited demanding that I "sit down!" so I can watch what she has planned. When I see both clips I realize that we've gone from her jumping around and dancing and yelling out single words to her and I performing together on stage with her bravely singing entire songs. I've said it before but nothing makes me happier than when she and I make something, especially music, together. Playing this particular song with her is a dream come true. You can see me unable to hold back a smile when she does her snaps during the song and hearing her sing so well right along side me is incredible.

I thought I might get sad as she got older and grew out of the music I make for smaller children but now I get that same happiness and encouragement when I look out at all the girls and boys rocking out and having fun at our shows. And now Evie and I can work on things together and she can play a more active roll in any way she sees fit. 

Big thanks to everyone who has been to one or more of my shows and to the wonderful Laura Grauer for taking and sharing this video. Hope you guys like the video.


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