Istvan's Imaginary Family Show is here!

The third mini episode of my works web series is up! If you haven't seen it and are fond of pets well then this is for you. Istvan's Imaginary Family Show is featured at my kids YouTube channel. I'm insisting on everyone not only watching but sharing with friends and family and SUBSCRIBING to my channel so they'll know when a new show gets uploaded.

 Marmos return with a song in episode 3!

Marmos return with a song in episode 3!

Check out Show #3 right here.

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Concert dates

2018 family concert dates are up and new dates are being added to the calendar all the time. 

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Fredrick The Alligator

Here's a new song I've been working on since my last appearance at Land Of Nod. They hooked me up with a quality set of colored bells and I was able to make an idea come to life. The idea was to write a song that included those bells into the fabric of a song so I could have helpers play with me at shows. I was so excited when I finished that I wanted to film it and it actually turned into a cute video if I do say so myself.

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