The life of a performer can be uniquely challenging. I experienced a real character building situation recently and was able to capture it on video and can now share it with you. Take a look at this little mini documentary and see how I handled a tough, sweaty situation.


Istvan's Imaginary Family Show is here!

The fourth mini episode of my works web series is up! This episode features Mr. Moons song from my album Sweet and shows that we all can struggle with falling asleep. Istvan's Imaginary Family Show is featured at my kids YouTube channel. I'm insisting on everyone not only watching but sharing with friends and family and SUBSCRIBING to my channel so they'll know when a new show gets uploaded.

Check out Show #4 right here.

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Concert dates

2019 family concert dates are already lining up and will be posted soon. Cool new things are in the works for the new year!

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Evie The Queen of the insects

There's something extra exciting that I'm working on that revolves around the song Evie The Queen Of The Insects. A whole series of things happened that led me to an idea and just yesterday more things happened that may have spawned an even better direction. Am I being too vague? Probably. But I don't want to give too much away. But I will promise that this will be amazing and there will be all kinds of ways for you to participate and play a roll in this MUSICAL event. That was a hint disguised as a pun. I will reveal major details very soon.

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