Concert dates

2017 family concert dates are being added to the calendar. Get the Bands In Town app to follow Istvan & His Imaginary Band or just like the Facebook music page where dates show up first.

Fredrick The Alligator

Here's a new song I've been working on since my last appearance at Land Of Nod. They hooked me up with a quality set of colored bells and I was able to make an idea come to life. The idea was to write a song that included those bells into the fabric of a song so I could have helpers play with me at shows. I was so excited when I finished that I wanted to film it and it actually turned into a cute video if I do say so myself.

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Recording News

Not too long ago I reunited with an augmented version of my art rock band Lank Fame at WIRE in Berwyn. The show went really well and was the first time I've played "serious" and loud original music in a long time. Because of the positive response and how everyone involved felt we're considering recording an album of new and old material in hopes to create a vinyl album. I'll post news as it happens. And hopefully a second show will follow in the not so distant future. 

Lank Fame live @ WIRE

Lank Fame live @ WIRE

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