Snow Day

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We are staying in and staying warm like everyone else here in the midwest. While we're stuck inside we decided to try out a new t-shirt design. Lots of older kids and adults have asked for Marmo shirts. The problem is that the original is too small for larger garments. So we made a new Istvan & His Imaginary Band Marmo design for bigger shirts. Whats even cooler is that we will have them available in traditional black AND glow in the dark. Here are some pics of Istvan and his helper making the first run in our little t-shirt factory.

Frank Zappa

Yesterday was the anniversary of Frank Zappa's death. He was a huge influence and inspiration. He left behind a ton of music and other things to enjoy and think about. His son Dweezil tours now playing his music and is doing a really wonderful and difficult job. Here's a really nice performance of his song Inca Roads from one of his best incarnations of The Mothers Of Invention. Like Frank Zappa said: "Music is the best."

Sold Out Show.

I posted a picture on Facebook recently that everyone seemed to enjoy so I thought I'd post it here as well. What I didn't do was tell the story as to how this unplanned photo shoot happened. My daughter had a play date at our house with her best friend and they went up to her messy room (they weren't supposed too) to get one toy to play with. One toy became two which rapidly became an assembly line of 100. Stuffed animals were gleefully dropped down the stairs by one to the other waiting below who then meticulously set them up.

When I asked what they were doing they informed me that they needed all of the animals because they were making a zoo. I can't argue with that kind of logic. So what you see is pretty much exactly what they did on their own. I would have had to pay top dollar to a photographer to set up this kind of shoot and they did happily for free. And because they were playing I think I brilliantly avoided any child labor laws and got an awesome photo to boot. Istvan.

big crowd.jpg

Cyber Monday Madness!

The new Pink and Blue Marmo toys have arrived and they're officially in my store! Other than at live shows the Imaginary Store is the only place you can get my t-shirts, toys and buttons. Everything looks great and makes for the coolest holiday gift around if I do say so myself. Imagine a Marmo toy peaking out of a Christmas stocking, it's the perfect amount of cute.

Since it's Cyber Monday you'll get a free glow in the dark Marmo button with any purchase. And after today music will go on sale throughout the remainder of the year. Happy shopping! Istvan.