Surprise Silver Lining.

Over the weekend I played a short solo set as part of a big all day event. During my show the provided PA system was not working properly rendering my guitar and other equipment pretty useless. Things like this happen time to time and as a performer you have to make the best of a really bad situation. I've played lots of shows and as a result I have a decent ability to act as if I'm not bothered, but inside it's quite the contrary. For me when something like this happens it feels like every awkward high school moment times ten. Fortunately my set was only 20 minutes and it was over quickly. Everyone working the event was incredibly nice and apologetic for the issues but in those instances I feel responsible and badly that I couldn't turn things around somehow.

While I was playing I noticed one man in the audience who I felt was looking at me in a judgmental way. I felt like he thought I was an amateur. And in those moments you can't exactly yell out "Dude I'm really way better than this! The PA isn't working properly and it's not my fault!" After my show I was trying to get my stuff together and off the stage as fast as I could. Before I finished that same man approached me and said: "Istvan, my family loves your music and we listen to your records all the time." I was stunned. I started to mention my sound issues and he stopped me mid sentence saying they had seen me before and knew what I was dealing with. He pointed out his wife and two adorable daughters who had been sitting sweetly in front of me throughout my entire troubled set. I told him how nice it was to hear that. That was a huge understatement. It would have been nice any day of the week but at that moment it was like a gift, and greatly mitigated the rotten way I felt. This wonderful person reminded me not only why I make this music but just how cool and smart and kind the families are that like what I do. There was another similar family (that I took a picture of) from the wonderful Garfield Park show who stopped me on my way out to tell me the very same thing.

So as much as I try to entertain and impart or instruct through my songs and shows I'm constantly learning and being taught huge life lessons by my followers. Thanks for listening to my music and for supporting me you guys. I have the best fans and I know it.


I make music and more for cool kids and their families.