Get Istvan's ukulele e.p. Houby Day

Houby Day is the new release by Istvan. It's a collection of art pop songs inspired by his favorite song writers and the instrument he wrote the songs on, the ukulele. This is also the first record of music for adults that he's made since he started writing and performing music for kids and families.

Istvan reunited with his original band mates Steven Slivka and Tommy Miller to perform the e.p. as well as a bunch of hand picked cover songs on October 4th which was the Friday of Houby Day weekend. The title is named after the Houby Day parade, a celebration of Berwyn’s Czech and Slovak heritage. Pronounced “ho•bee,” the festival centers around the Czech and Slovak word for mushroom, which was the object of a hunting tradition and a significant part of the Czech diet. The set included an ongoing slide show of images that added to the stories Istvan told through out the set. This was a one time only performance.

Currently the e.p. is only available by download. The purchase will get you a special download card that can be redeemed via the CD Baby web site. Included in the download is the music from Houby Day as well as the albums cover art and a text document that includes the story of how the e.p. came to be. The physical CD should be available in mid to late November.