Things I Like (CD)

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Things I Like (CD)


Catchy songs that both parents and kids will love. 

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Things I Like was inspired by the birth of Istvan's daughter and written for her. It features the amazing guitar of Mike Fleming and Ryan Patrick Murphy’s drumming and recording skillz. Paul Mertens (Brian Wilson) dropped in to add piccolo and flute to the song Sour Puss and Patrick from Wilco contributed an insane solo and more to the song Team Member. Geoff Gilkes played bass lines to 3 of the tunes, Miss Krista sings beautifully as always and did I forget to mention Istvan! He's all over this thing. 

Track Listing: 

1. What's Mama Doin' 

2. Run Around

3. Team Member

4. It Ain't Easy

5. Sour Puss

6. Things I Like

See the promo video and the actual home movie footage of where it all began here:

Things I Like Promo


released 16 November 2012