Sweet! (CD)


Sweet! (CD)


Istvan's first full length kids CD.

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Sweet! is the first full length kids CD, and the super anticipated follow up to the Things I Like e.p. from Istvan & His Imaginary Band.

Sweet! includes rocking sing along anthems, sweet lullabies and a new theme song that makes the chore of brushing your teeth way less painful. Sweet has everything you could want and delivers it in twenty something magical minutes.

Track Listing:

1. Fun To Pretend

2. Too Much Stuff

3. Germs

4. Me & My Friends

5. Pajama Party

6. Makes Me Happy

7. Pio Ta GoGo

8. Mr. Moon's Song

9. Pearly Whites

10. Little Willy


released 14 December 2012 
With performances from the eastern European master Istvan himself as well as Ryan "monster" Murphy on drums, Miss Krista singing her way into your heart, Mike Fleming playing impossible guitar and Bob the Bass player, well, playing bass. And did I forget to mention the all star performances by Katie Ernst, Rob Arendt and Karl Eifrig as well as the awesome artwork by Mr. Walters? Well I did now. Stay Sweet!