Houby Day (CD)


Houby Day (CD)


Istvan's 5 song ukulele e.p.

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I tried to resist but it was no use. I fell in love with the ukulele after playing one for the first time thinking it would make a good part to one of my kids songs. The ukulele didn't end up working on that particular tune, instead it ended up helping me write new non kid songs and finish a couple others that had been around for a long time but just didn't sound right on the guitar. The ukulele is a wonderful downright magical instrument that I love. 

Houby day is both low fi on one hand and my attempt at super producing something on the other. After making such minimal rock music for so long I wanted to make use of my new found freedom after making the jump to recording via computer. This turned into a hero worship record. A bid to be heard along side all my favorites like Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan, Burt Bacharach, The Sparks and Brian Eno.

Track Listing: 

1. Yes You Are

2. Japanese Scientist

3. Happy Face

4. Nadir

5. Thank You


released 01 November 2013 
Istvan: ukulele, guitar, vocals 
Miss Krista: Vocals 
Steve Slivka: guitar, banjo 
Geoff Gilkes: bass, piano