Between Stations (CD)


Between Stations (CD)


Istvan's sweet frenetic debut.

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Between Stations is Istvan's solo acoustic debut album. It's a super tight collection of intimate, fun, dark and witty art pop gems with no nonsense arrangements that still let their ornate extras shine through. Recorded at North branch in Chicago with Barry Phipps from the Cocktails.

 Track Listing: 

1. Your Eyes They Say It All

2. Exile

3. She Likes Their Songs

4. Living Ghost

5. Earth As Mars 

6. Between Stations

7. Masquerade

8. The Archetype


released 16 November 2012 
Ryan Murphy (Vee Dee, M.O.T.O J. Davis Trio) on drums, Diane Lena ( MIssing Tooth) on synths & vocals and Istvan ( Woo Woo Stick, Lank Fame) guitar and singing.