Over the winter we're going to start working on the second full length children's record. When we finish we want to package the songs as nicely as we did with the Sweet! album. Sweet! was made possible with the help of our fans and a Kickstarter campaign. We wanted to be a little more direct and discreet this time. 

Anyone who can contribute $20 or more will get an advance copy of the new record, and will be included in the Thank You section of the CD. Anyone who can contribute over $75 will get an additional incentive of their choice. We'll contact you as soon as we get your info.  

And all donors will get a download of our cover of the T.Rex song Ride A White Swan as soon as they donate. This is the song we usually end our live shows with. Thanks for helping us make this happen. 

kicknew square.jpg

Suggested Donations:



The amounts above are all suggestions, you determine any amount you like when you click the donate button. All donations are made securely via Paypal. Thank you for helping make great music for kids and families.