We tested out our first ever Facebook live feed and not only did it work but it went really well. We decided that we should just sing a song and try to add a little happiness to the world. As always things don't always go exactly like you think and that can be a good thing. Take a look if you haven't and be sure to LIKE my Facebook music page if you haven't already. 

Family concert dates are being added all the time. The first shows of the summer starting with the kick off at the Morton Arboretum have been really great. Take note or get the Bands In Town app to follow Istvan & His Imaginary Band and make it easy to find when and where he's playing.


I write at length about the Arlington Heights show and just how great it was in my blog. If you haven't seen it please take a second to give it a read. Here's a clip from that show.

Pio Ta GoGo superstars.


Istvan's new kids record is done!

You can get your copy right now or if you hurry you can get 1 of the 10 limited edition bundles for a tiny bit more. They include a special purple Marmo toy, a possum pin, purple guitar pick, and a signed CD. There's actually more but you can see for yourself when you visit the Store

We were very happy to hear that Playtime received a Parents Choice award on April 7! Here's a link to the page.

Check out the sweet home video for Evie The Queen Of The Insects Istvan's favorite song off of the new Playtime CD.

Istvan's Instagram.